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Welcome to the Medical Daily product review section. We wanted to make these reviews as useful, time-saving and pellucid (we dislike the word transparent) as possible, so we devised a step-by-step methodology, listed below. We also decided against creating listicles and reviewing product brands en masse; that would be akin to standing in the pharmacy aisle or scrolling Amazon for hours and coming away dizzy. No, we opted for giving you the number 1 product in each category, per our clear-cut method. 

The Medical Daily Content Creation Process

Regardless of the type of content, be it an article, a product review — even sponsored content –  objectivity either rules or has a commanding influence over what is posted on the Medical Daily website. 

For Medical Daily product reviews, all products must meet certain criteria before they are considered for a review, including having a minimum number of positive reviews on multiple websites. Once the products pass this threshold, then more research and claim verifications occur, including peer-reviewed journal searches. To begin, please click here.

The reviews have been researched and written by Jan Cortes, and medically reviewed by Yvonne Stolworthy, MSN, RN.

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