Big Drop in Cancer Deaths; Telemedicine and Human Relations; COVID and Cancer


For the second consecutive year, a record-breaking decrease in cancer mortality occurred, driven by improved treatment for lung cancer. (CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians)

An oncologist reflects on the impact of virtual appointments on the human side of clinical practice. (JCO: Art of Oncology)

“Have investigators forgotten how to write?” An oncologist’s reaction to learning that authors of 350-word research summaries submitted to a major cancer meeting often received outside help with the writing. (Annals of Oncology)

Exposure to a common food-borne bacteria may increase the risk of a type of brain cancer. (Moffit Cancer Center, International Journal of Cancer)

More data suggest that coffee protects against cancer — prostate cancer, in this case. (BMJ)

MRI frequently underestimates the size of prostate tumors, which could lead to undertreatment. (University of California Los Angeles)

Vaping at a young age tripled the likelihood of daily cigarette smoking. (UC San Diego)

Cancer screening tests in the U.S. declined significantly during the first surge of the COVID-19 pandemic, but returned to near pre-pandemic levels by September, and the number of delayed cancer diagnoses might have been overestimated. (JAMA Oncology)

A former Merck employee has been accused of stealing proprietary information about cancer research when he left the company for another job. (NJ Today)

A third of eligible adults did not undergo screening for colon cancer and about a fourth missed screening tests for breast and cervical cancers, attributable at least in part to socioeconomic and racial disparities. (Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network)

Could inpatient mammography for selected hospitalized patients help eliminate cancer screening disparities? (Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, Annals of Family Medicine)

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