“Freedom would be not to worry about my blood sugar level while eating birthday cake.”


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Meet Maria, one of mySugr’s models living with diabetes. Maria was diagnosed with type 2 in an annual routine checkup. Living a healthy lifestyle and never being overweight, Maria was really surprised by her type 2 diagnosis.

mySugr loves to show the many different faces and stories of people with diabetes in the real world. So they do their own photoshoots and feature real people living with diabetes instead of using stock photos.

1. What were your biggest fears/concerns when you were diagnosed with diabetes?

I was wondering how much I will have to change my habits. I’ve always thought that my lifestyle was healthy, but now I have to give up even more. And of course, I am still afraid of how diabetes will affect my life at an old age.

2. What’s the hardest part/biggest struggle for you in living with diabetes day-to-day?

To say no to candies. I used to have a huge sweet tooth.

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3. What piece of advice would you give to a person who is newly diagnosed with diabetes?

Each organism is unique. Each organism has different needs and wants. Besides the physical changes after a diagnose, we also have to think about our psyche. We should try to listen to our bodies and be conscious. We should observe how our blood sugar level reacts to different methods of treatment. Not only pills and injections, but also natural methods like fasting helps, meditation and sports.

4. Is there a phrase/statement about diabetes that drives you crazy?

Almost everybody thinks that only older and overweight people can get type 2 diabetes. Until I was diagnosed I thought the same.

5. When you think of the word “freedom” in terms of diabetes, what does that mean to you?  What would make you feel more free?

Freedom would be not to worry about my blood sugar level while eating birthday cake.

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