Open Thread Update: Getting Tested


Last week I got tested with both Covid-19 tests – the nasal swab and the blood test for antibodies. (I have not experienced any symptoms but was concerned about asymptomatic spread since I have immunocompromised relatives and friends.)

I”m still waiting for my results from CityMD but outside of the wait (more than a week now), I have no complaints. I waited outside for 15 minutes, waited inside for ten minutes after I registered via a Touchpad, and got both tests after a five minute inquiry of my health statistics.

I was not a fan of the nasal swab test but at least it was brief; the blood test took even less time and I was out in ten minutes.

So far there hasn’t been a lot of reaction from readers about their testing experience but we’re still really interested in knowing your experiences. Do you trust the test? Have you been tested more than once?  There’s still time to let us know in the comments.

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