International Day of Older Persons


Yesterday, October 1, marked the International Day of Older Persons – and the 30th anniversary of this event created by the UN (read more here). The pandemic, according to this report from Foreign Policy magazine with AARP (read it here) about human rights and older people, is casting new light on ongoing issues in aging the world over….and a new one: connectivity.

“Such isolation amplifies the need for greater connectivity among older adults, with digital technologies holding tremendous potential to minimize isolation risks associated with COVID-19 and have benefits for multiple facets of older adults’ lives, including enhancing independent living, expanding economic participation, and improving access to, and quality of, health and social care services.”

Senior Planet and Older Adults Technology Services (OATS) plans to take action to address connectivity for older people in our upcoming Aging Connected initiative. Aging Connected is a national campaign with an ambitious goal of connecting one million older adults to the Internet. Sign up here to receive the latest news on this new project from OATS, plus related service offerings and tools for building digital savvy. Questions? Send them here.

Meanwhile, here’s a look at short video about aging worldwide and some wise words from centenarians.

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